An Awesome Wave - alt-J

An Awesome Wave


  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2012-09-18
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 14

  • ℗ 2012 Infectious Music Ltd., under exclusive license to Atlantic Recording Corporation


Title Artist Time
Intro alt-J 2:37 USD 1.29
Interlude 1 alt-J 1:12 USD 1.29
Tessellate alt-J 3:02 USD 1.29
Breezeblocks alt-J 3:47 USD 1.29
Interlude 2 alt-J 1:17 USD 1.29
Something Good alt-J 3:38 USD 1.29
Dissolve Me alt-J 3:59 USD 1.29
Matilda alt-J 3:48 USD 1.29
Ms alt-J 3:58 USD 1.29
Fitzpleasure alt-J 3:39 USD 1.29
Interlude 3 alt-J 0:53 USD 1.29
Bloodflood alt-J 4:09 USD 1.29
Taro alt-J 5:14 USD 1.29
Hand-Made alt-J 2:37 USD 1.29


  • Chillingly Beautiful

    By Pheonix442
    This album lyrically, and aesthetically, is beautiful. The instrumentals are just amazing. Clicky and shimmery amidst the singer and his great personality and amazing lyrics This album is nothing like ever before. Every song on the record is new and great, but it still flows with the albums overall sound, and that makes the album a great experience for anyone willing to take the dive into the alternative music scene.
  • Fave

    By Aleece G
    This is by far my favorite album from them I listen to it several days out of the week this was the album that made me fall in love with them.
  • Incredible.

    By Eliz5100
    Indulge with what is in my humble opinion the best album of all time. I can't say enough good things about this and it's true we just incredible. Do you understand what I mean if you need to listen. It takes a lot for me to sit down and listen to an album from start to finish and not tire of it. I have continuously listen to this album almost nightly from start to finish for over 2 years and every single time I listen to it surprises me out again and continues to give me the same tingles up my spine that I got the first time I heard it. This is truly something all other artists should strive to achieve. The flow from song to song is beautiful. Do your ears and heart a favor and take a listen, if only to Breezeblocks, then thank me later. Take a chance, try something new.
  • Amazing!!

    By Flowersniff
    Breeze blocks is my favorite song rn!! It helps me draw! I hum it in class and my teacher gets annoyed but it's ok!
  • Been listening to this for years :)

    By Jaker45
    I started listening to this album because my friend told me Tessellate was a great song. And i liked it so much that I slowly started listening to more and more of this album. And I realized that every single song on this album is perfection. Alt-j, never change!
  • Triangles are my favorite shape!

    By TheSpaceBunny
    I love that they use a PSR-180 keyboard (or something very similar). I feel like I’m apart of the band (with my outdated yet functional keyboard). 1,2,3, Yeah!
  • By Far My Favorite Album

    By Dink Wizard
    This is my favorite album of all time. 'This Is All Yours' is great too but this is my favorite. I don't even write album reviews usually but for this I will make an exception. :) Most songs I listen to I will love for a couple months but then they get bland and dull because I feel like there is nothing left to be taken from it. However, with Alt J this is never the case. The songs give new meaning with every listen. They are put together in a logical but necessary. Every beat belongs there, there is no filler, nothing dumbing it down. This album is absolute gold. 💙
  • ∆ are my Favorite Shape…...

    By N.G.C.E.Y.H.T.F.
    It is truly rare in this time and age to find a band let alone an album that you can listen to over and over again finding new favorites as others fade to classics. ALT-J has changed my thinking if not my life. A truly spiuritial experience. So much in fact I have lyrics tatoo'ed down my arm. The band will either grow and change you into a powerful tree or you will sit there and stay the stump of a human you are meant to be. Music creates emotion, Emotion is energy, Energy is either used or wasted. Builds or destroys…. what are you going to do?
  • Gorgeous

    By Amy80'sfan
    His voice is a little odd sometimes, but the album's sheer beauty and lovely instrumentation make you forget it. I never buy music anymore since I stream it, but I'm buying this one. It's sheer originality cloaked in a shimmering haze of soft guitars, twinkling pianos, interesting hooks and perfect drums.
  • holy jesus

    By Person who loves this game😍😍

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