Ultimate Sleep System - Ambient Music Therapy

Ultimate Sleep System

Ambient Music Therapy

  • Genre: New Age
  • Release Date: 2003-10-21
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 3

  • ℗ 2003 AMT


Title Artist Time
Sleep 1 Ambient Music Therapy 25:40 USD Album Only
Sleep 2 Ambient Music Therapy 25:03 USD Album Only
Sleep 3 Ambient Music Therapy 25:37 USD Album Only


  • Great to fall asleep to!

    By Thanatos20
    I have trouble going to sleep because I can't turn my brain off. This product helps me to focus on something that quiets my brain down so that I can fall asleep faster. It is also just relaxing to listen to if your stressed.
  • slept like a baby

    By Chegeny Vibbs
    I've suffered from persistent weeks long insomnia periodically. This album knocks me out and keeps me out with long uninterrupted tracks. The sounds are weirdly interesting enough to keep my mind engaged until I'm out.
  • Re-Review

    By Markwm81
    I'm writing a re-review, because I have found after a few nights, the music hasn't improved my ease of falling asleep faster. If I was going to choose tracks by what may work best, it's 1, 3, then 2. 2 is maybe for those who like falling asleep to a TV with very low volume. 3 has more of that muted tv affect. But 1 I find most relaxing, even though I haven't really fallen asleep. It's just to easy to get other distractions in this house. So, It's not for everyone. I think it might work for people who just can't stand complete silence while falling asleep, so this kind of fills in the gap. Maybe I can use it when I'm alone in the house, and the night are too quiet. I find those to be more eerie than other nights, and like to have something to liste nto in the background.
  • Whaaa??

    By Maryberry:)
    It isn't bad. But The music is creepy especially track 3 and it actually keeps me up instead of helping me sleep.
  • digitized nature sounds, sound digitized...this is great music sleep aid

    By hopejunkie
    I get insomnia as a side effect of medication (prescribed)... sometimes i actually get to sleep by 6am only to have to be up and out in a few hours... the rest of the day is shot...or good days could've been better, were it not for an awful night of rolling around in bed hoping to fall asleep. I browsed the internet, settled on my trusted itunes store...typed in what i needed, and voila! i had to sift through the cheesy, guided voice, typical hollywood jungle music aztec flute stuff, with some nasal toned guided meditation voice. this album knocked me the f*c# out! i would rate it excellent, but i'm gonna save 5 stars for something mind blowing. This album is really what i wanted in my search. It actually exceeded my expectations!
  • Ultimate Sleep System

    By Relax+
    Making me feel very nice and relaxing! Excellent!

    By KELLEY K.
    What a bunch of crap. The same "humm" throughout. For $10.00? I wouldn't listen to this again if it was free. I personally feel that all of the other reviews are by the quote "artist" and I use the word "artist" loosely.
  • Calm Machine Calm

    By ChristopherDougherty
    This work is definitely hypnotic, however I love listening to it while I'm active, too. That said, I may be in the minority, as far as it purported (entitled) use is concerned, yet that should not at all detract from its inherent calming and centering qualities. I feel it necessary to defend new-agey work only when it's worth something. This, in my humble opinion, transcends the 'new age' stereotype hugely, and I recommend it whole-heartedly to those whole enjoy listening to something beautifully machine-like and larger than description. It's easy to sink into and find your h(om)e.
  • Sleep like a rock

    By snoozy mcsleepster
    This is great. The album has three tracks and i've started the first one when going to sleep for the last five nights and i haven't been awake long enough to hear the next track. Whatever mystical powers these tracks have, it's wonderful.
  • Finally I can fall asleep

    By SongDuck™
    After suffering for years with insomnia due to a neurological condition I decided to try this album. It is really amazing, whatever the reason it works is not as important as the fact that it actually does help me to fall asleep. I usually am out within 15 minutes. Since I usually don't get past one track, I like to mix them up and set my iPod to sleep in 30 minutes. Highly recommended.