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  • trampoline

    By #1Swiftie🐱
    we all saw that apple commercial ages ago and searched high and low for trampoline. masterpiece.
  • OMG

    By Cole 7
    I love this album especially trampoline!!
  • Good song

    By girlwiththoseearphonez😎
    I mean I do like this so a lot but not my favorite. but a very good song it could be better but it’s different so that why it’s a good song
  • Love her music 😍

    By evelinThickness
  • Remind me of Miguel

    By E-CL1PP1N
    The Female Miguel
  • Only 2 songs...

    By quoir30acedsp
    I was only here for one song, but then I saw a review saying these are all b side rejects. Thought that was harsh until I listened. I now have to agree. Sorry, but there should have only been the two different songs (Trampoline and MELT) on this album. As it's been said in Radio Free Roscoe Season 4 Episode 7, "It's the same song." The other 5 sound alike and there isn't much variant with notes in any regard, and that includes arrangement. It's like they're rewrites of each other and no one could tell which one they liked so they placed them all on the same album, side by side, not caring if we were going to notice.
  • Wack!

    By Lex8844
    This song is so boring and they always play it on the radio! Ugh!! 😑
  • :D

    By Fortnite###bro
    Love it
  • Great Song

    By ♈️🔥JRC🔥♈️
    I love that electro beat.
  • c:

    By Recark462
    I’ve never heard of this person until a few days ago, I heard Trampoline on the radio in my car. I instantly fell in love. It’s not like those songs that people scream in or really loud music. This one is really calm and peaceful. I really like it!